10 Toys That Will Help Get Baby To Sleep

There is nothing worse than a baby that simply won’t settle when it comes to bedtime. Luckily for you we’ve got our list of ten toys that will help get your baby off to sleep in no time at all. 

  1. Up first we have the Zazu Ocean Projector, Cody the Crab. This cute plush crab is suitable from birth and can sooth your little one to sleep by projecting scenes of fish swimming, moving waves and underwater scenes. The projections are accompanied by calming music and a three step sleep programme. After thirty minutes of music it shuts off, leaving just the projection of calm waves. With a handy cry sensor the music will begin again and restart the sleep programme.
  2. The Infantino Musical Soother and Night Light Projector is another favourite of ours. The nightlight features a fox and cub as well as playing music for twenty minutes, while the fox tail sways creating projections to sooth your little one to sleep. 

  3. The Snuz SnuzCloud Baby Sleep Aid is perfect for on the go, for example if you and baby are staying away from home. This plush cloud plays four soothing sounds for twenty minutes before automatically turning off.
  4. The Gund Sleepy Sounds Light and Sound Whale is super easy to use , simply press the music note for one of five sounds that will play for twenty minutes and have your baby asleep in no time. 
  5. The Chicco First Dreams Baby Bear is great value for money. The machine washable bear has three different light effects and thirty minutes of sound. Available in three different colours, this bear is perfect for all. 
  6. The Whisbear Humming Bear is suitable from birth plays sounds of the womb for forty minutes. The cry sensor means that once baby cries the music will start playing again, quickly soothing your little one to sleep again. 
  7. The Gro Company Ollie The Owl plays your chosen noise for twenty minutes, while the pacifying light stays on for a full thirty minutes. The volume can be adjusted so it can get your little one off to sleep without disrupting others. 
  8. The Infantino 3 in 1 Projector Musical Mobile is prefect for your little one. This mobile plays for twenty minutes before automatically shutting itself off meaning you can put it on and head off to another room. You can take the mobile apart as the baby gets older, so you can just use the night light. 
  9. Ewan The Dream Sheep Deluxe mimics womb noises to get your baby off to sleep in no time. This Deluxe version of Ewan has removable electrics to make him machine washable. 
  10. The Baby Annabell Sleep Well For Babies is perfect for parents as you can record your own five minute message that will play on repeat for a full thirty minutes. There is nothing more soothing to a baby than their parents own voice.

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