Hair & Beauty Tips For New Mums

Once you become a mother it can really feel like all your waking moments are spent looking after your little bundle of joy. You may feel like you have no time for yourself, let alone time to do your hair and put on a little bit of makeup in the mornings! We’re here to share with you some of our beauty tips and tricks for those new mums out there.

The number one, top tip has to be planning! If this is your first baby then try to get a bit of pampering in before your little one is due, whether that be getting your nails done, or just that simple hair trim that you have been trying to make time for, for what feels like forever!

On the subject of hair, dry shampoo will be your best friend! You will not have time to wash your hair every morning, so spritz a bit of dry shampoo in. This should mean you can postpone washing your hair for a day or two more, while not feeling like you have hair greasy enough to fry chips in!

Our next tip would be to go through your makeup bag and simplify it. We know that before you had your little one you loved to take your time putting on your makeup, as well as using twelve different products on your face. But in reality, you’ve probably got a spare five minutes at most in the mornings to pop on a bit of makeup. Therefore you now need to come up with a makeup look using only three or four products that you can master in that spare five minutes. Try looking for products that have two in one features, as well as once that are easy to apply. For example a tinted moisturiser is a must have for new mums. Not only will it hydrate like a regular moisturiser, but it will also give you that extra bit of coverage you may need. Much more time effective than applying a separate moisturiser and foundation. 

Another must have for new mums would be a good quality leave in conditioner. A leave in conditioner can be just as good as a regular in shower conditioner, however it will cut down your showering time considerably. Rather than waiting for your conditioner to work it’s magic, taking up that five extra minutes in the shower, you can simply hop out and work some leave in conditioner into the ends of your hair for the same effect. This will also help with detangling your hair if you have curly hair or suffer from knotty hair when brushing.

Another hack is to stick with lighter shades when painting your nails. Not only will it not highlight the little bits of paint that you’ve got on the skin surrounding your fingernail, it will also not highlight the chips from washing up baby bottles either. 

Most importantly be kind to yourself, a smile is the best makeup after all!

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