How To Choose The Right Car Seat

Car seats can seem straightforward in theory, however there are some things you need to consider before purchasing the right one for your new bundle of joy.

We would recommend that you choose a tested and approved car seat. They can be approved under two different types of regulations, ECE R44 and UNR 129-Size. A car seat tested and approved under the ECE R44 regulation means that it is tested and up to standard in both forward facing and rear facing collisions. A seat approved under UNR 129-Size means that it has bee tested and approved for forward facing, rear facing and side impact collisions.

It is not only new born babies that need to be in car seats, so it is important that you select a car seat suitable for both your child’s height and age. They’re separated into three different groups, baby car seats, car seats and high back booster seats. Your child’s age and height will differentiate which category they fit into. 

If your little one is newborn up to the age of around twelve months old then a newborn car seat is going to be for them. This is of course depending on their height. Once your little one’s head reaches the highest point of the car seat it’s important to progress onto the next car seat stage in order to keep them safe. 

If your child is a toddler then a car seat is the stage for them. It is recommended that your child be in a rear facing car seat until the age of fifteen months at least. Your child has outgrown their seat once their ears reach the highest point of the headrest on their car seat. This is when the headrest is in the maximum adjusted position. 

The final stage is the high back booster seat, this is the seat your little one will be in for the longest period of their car seat journey. It is the law that your child must sit in a tested an approved car seat until they are twelve years old, or until they’re one hundred and thirty five centimetres – whicheverwhich ever one comes soonest. 

Next on your check list of things to look at when buying a car seat should be how easy it is to instal into your car. Does your car have isofix?  If so using it is quick and easy and will reduce the chance of you installing the car seat incorrectly. 

Lastly we would recommend you taking a look at how much leg room the car seat you are thinking of buying has. The more leg room the seat has the less likely you are to feel the need to turn the seat forward facing before the child is ready. This will also mean that you can really get your money’s  worth out of the seat as the child will be able to use it for a longer period of time.

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