How To Get Back Into Shape Post-baby

Giving birth can be extremely hard on a woman’s body, therefore it is important to be kind to yourself and only get back into the swing of working out once you feel your body is up to the challenge. 

It is important to focus on you and your new bundle of job, because we know that looking after a baby is a full time job in itself. It is important not to jump straight into working out six days a week at the gym as your body is still trying to repair itself from giving birth to a tiny human. Give your body the time it needs to get back to normal. It is usually recommended that you wait at least six weeks after giving birth naturally before you begin exercising again. The wait time is even longer if you have given birth via c-section. 

Once you feel ready and you’ve given your body enough time to get itself recovered, it is simply recommended that you move more! Ease into it by taking short walks, this is good as you can take the baby with you in their buggy, this also means you can hold onto the handles and give yourself some stability on your stroll. You can do this a few times a week until your body is warmed up to the idea of doing more strenuous exercise, as well as once you have had the go ahead from your health care professional. 

Breastfeeding can be an amazing way for you to drop those post baby pounds! Breastfeeding actually burns around eight hundred calories a day, that’s on top of any exercise or movement you do that day. It is important to remember that when you are breastfeeding you will need to eat an extra five hundred calories a day in order to help with your milk production. To aid your weight loss be sure to use these extra five hundred calories on nutrient dense food, not a cheeky McDonalds breakfast. 

Make sure you try to get enough sleep, as a lack of sleep can increase cravings for naughty food and will throw your metabolism out of sync and make it even more difficult to shift that extra baby weight. Try to have a little sleep when you have put your baby down for a nap, this will really help boost your energy. Remember that if you do not feel like you have the energy to do a workout dur to sleep deprivation, then skip the workout! Instead use that extra bit of time to lay down and take a nap, especially in the early days of motherhood. 

Once you are ready it is a great idea to get back into an exercising routine in order to help shape your workout. Plank exercises are brilliant for strengthening your abdominal muscles, as well as cardio based exercises such as swimming are recommended. Once you feel ready you can begin to add weights back into your workout programme.

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