The Baby Items You Shouldn’t Skimp On

Babies can be very expensive, so you might be tempted to skimp on items here and there. But here are some items that you absolutely never skimp on. 

Top of the list is a car seat. In the UK you can not leave the hospital with your baby unless they are in a car seat. When buying a car seat for your baby we would recommend researching the seats safety report which will outline how safe the car seat is, if your car were to be involved in a collision. You should also never buy a second hand car seat, this is because you don’t know if it has been involved in a car accident previously, which may compromise it’s safety for your baby.  

We’d recommend buying the best baby swing that you can afford. We know you’d love to think that you’ll spend all your time holding that lovely little bundle of joy, but in reality you’ll need somewhere safe to put them when you need to go to the toilet, for a shower, or just have your hands free for an hour. We would recommend going for one that can swing or has some motion to help sooth your baby to sleep. We would also recommend getting one that has a long battery life or can plug into the mains so it doesn’t have to be recharged. 

Like the majority of parents out there, you’ll be well aware of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, and second hand mattresses can raise safety concerns that may be associated with this. We would recommend not skimping when it comes to buying a cot and a cot mattress. Cot safety standards have changed somewhat in the recent years so it’s important to buy a fairly new model so that it will be up to code on these regulations.

A pushchair is also somewhere that your child will spend a lot of their time, especially if you intend on taking them out with you a lot or if you don’t drive so you walk to a majority of places. Without realising, you’ll rack up thousands of miles over the time your baby is in their buggy so it’s important to invest in the best one you can afford that’s comfortable for your baby and also for you to push. 

If you are planning on breastfeeding then a breast pump is an essential. They can be quite pricey but many women have found that a top notch electric breast pump can help you pump nearly twice as much breast milk in one session, whilst being comfortable and not having to hand pump.

As well as breast pumps, babies bottles are going to be seeing some real use. It is also recommended that you choose plastics No.2, No.4 or No.5 for their safety. We would recommend splurging on these because as many know, you buy cheap, you buy twice.

Now you know what items are worth the extra splurge, happy shopping!

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