The Best Toys To Help When Baby Is Teething

So your baby is teething? This can be an emotional time for both you, and your baby. It’s hard for a parent to see their child in pain, so we’re here to let you know about the best toys to help when your baby is teething. 

A very popular teething toy at the moment is Sophie La Giraffe. This teething toy is made of food grade rubber that is BPA free. Not only that, but it is designed to sooth your babies gums while keeping them entertained using the squeaky centre. This teething toy is high on the list of many parents this year. 

A top tip to help soothe a teething baby’s gums is to use something cooling. We would recommend a toy you can pop in the fridge, such as ice gel teether keys. All you need to do is put them in the fridge for a few hours before giving them to your little one to suck and chew on to soothe their achy gums. 

The Matchstick Monkey Teething toy is great value for money as it’s a dual purpose teether. This toy has a small pad for applying teething gel for those hard to reach areas in the baby’s mouth. It is the perfect shape for your little one to hold onto themselves, as well as being a bright, eye catching colour to keep them interested and stimulated. This amazing teether also comes in a mini version, making it even easier to hold for small hands. The reduced size also comes with a reduced price tag, so is great if you’re buying on a budget. 

If your baby is too young to hold a teething toy themselves, then we can recommend the perfect solution! The Baby Gumz Teething Mitten has a Velcro strap to stop your baby from wiggling their little hand out and the soft raised silicone bumps are perfect for your baby to teeth on. They come with some little bonus items too, a travel bag to keep your teething mitten safe and stop it from getting dirty. As well as an adorable milk tooth chart for you to record how many teeth your little one has cut. This product comes in a few different designs so you can pick the perfect one for your baby. 

If your baby is more of an early teether then this product may just be the one for you. The Brush-Baby Front-Ease Teether has a very budget friendly price tag and supports the transition from sucking to chewing for your little one. The design mimics that of a dummy meaning it’s perfect for little ones that have just begun teething as it is their front teeth that they’ll likely be cutting first. This product also comes with a handicap to keep the teether hygienic between uses, however if your baby is not a fan of their regular dummy then this may not be the teether for them. 

We’re sure one of the teethers we’ve recommended will help you and your baby through their teething stages.  

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