What To Expect When You’re Expecting

Being pregnant can be one of the most magical times of a parent’s life, it can also be one of the most challenging times too! Being prepared is certainly a great idea, so we’re here to help you do exactly that! Here’s what to expect when you’re expecting …

You will crave some really weird food, things that you wouldn’t in a million years have dreamt of eating before you became pregnant! Not only food, but other household items too. Some women really enjoy the sensation of sucking on wet sponges and the smell of washing powder.  

You will cry at literally everything. Pregnancy hormones feel like PMS on steroids. You will find yourself crying over that sad donkey charity advert on TV, as well as your husband eating the last cookie that you had been eyeing up all day. We would like to tell you that it wears off eventually, but it doesn’t. 

You will not believe how big your lady lumps get! Prepare yourself to go from a C cup to an F cup in a matter of months as your milk begins to come in. Tell your husband not to get his hopes up though, as they’ll be far too sore for either of you to actually enjoy. 

You will suddenly become super laid back about pooing yourself during labour. During labour the majority of women poo a little when giving birth due to the contractions and force of pushing. Everyone will be totally cool about it, and honestly after hours of labour you won’t really care either. 

Enjoy every moment of sleep that you possibly can, because once baby is born those midday naps will be just a distant fond memory. Oh and don’t listen to everyone when they say that you can just nap when the baby naps. You’ll have far to many bits and bobs to be getting on with once the baby is napping, like showering, or having a wee by yourself for once. 

Enjoy peeing a million times a day. As the baby grows it will begin to put pressure on your bladder giving you the urge to pee way more often than usual. This is totally normal, but usually super annoying. You’ll be amazed that your body can even hold that much water, and even more amazed at how many public spaces don’t have toilets available. 

Expect everyone to put their two pence in on what you’re thinking about naming the baby. We don’t care that their aunts, neighbour’s, dog has the same name and we’re sure that you won’t either. So don’t be afraid to tell them you didn’t ask for their opinion! Don’t let anyone put you off, it’s your baby therefore it is totally your choice on what you want to name them.

Now we’ve got you up to date on what to expect when you’re expecting, you should be feeling far less anxious about becoming parents. Just remember it will come naturally once you’ve got the baby in your arms.

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